Helping international students and staff with the advice they need to study, work and settle in the UK

Need reliable immigration advice? We're here to international students and staff with the guidance they need to study, work and settle in the UK.

Travelling to the UK to study or work in higher education is a dream for many across the world. The UK offers historic universities, a renowned education system and fruitful job opportunities. However, it's figuring out the 'how' that presents the biggest problem for many people.

Whether it's obtaining the correct documentation (such as a higher education sector visa), meeting character requirements or securing sponsorship, getting what you need can be a daunting and confusing process. It can be challenging to know where to begin.

With decades of experience, we are here to help you through the current immigration processes safely. 

A huge number of benefits

As a country, the UK values its international students and university staff immensely. We recognise that the diversity of the people is what makes our education system one of the best in the world.

The benefits that international students bring to the UK include:

  • £25.8 billion in gross output for the UK economy
  • £3.3 billion in tax revenues
  • 206,000 jobs supported
  • A multi-cultural study experience for home students while their course is in session

The same can be said for those employing non-UK native staff, which help bring expertise and knowledge to UK universities.

In recent years, higher education and students who wish to study outside of their home countries are becoming globalised. With the many social, cultural and economic benefits an international student population brings, and with so many bright and brilliant people out there, it is our pleasure to offer the guidance needed to steer you through the current immigration processes.

We help you navigate the immigration system

Although these benefits are demonstrably far-reaching, the government does not make any allowances for the sector. Universities are subject to the same rigid rules as commercialised organisations.

UK universities are severely penalised should they fail to follow the strict immigration regulations imposed by the government. If they are found in breach of their sponsorship duties, they are in danger of losing their license. This means they would be unable to recruit any additional international staff who require sponsorship.

Brexit has made matters more complex. The regulations and laws regarding immigration have been significantly changed, muddying the process even further.

Therefore, it is vital to seek advice from an experienced immigration adviser. We can help you tick the boxes you need to study, work and stay in the UK legally. This will help make the immigration process as efficient and as smooth as possible.

We also offer advice to UK universities who are navigating the same processes from the other side. We can ensure that you are following the protocol correctly and safely.

Covering All Aspects
  • Preparation of sponsor license application and sponsorship advice

  • Issuing a Certificate of Sponsorship including Resident Labour Market Test guidance

  • Undertaking the role of Level 1 or Level 2 User on the Sponsor Management System

  • Reporting migrant activity / sponsor compliance

  • Representation of a migrant worker’s visa application and advice 

Extensive Experience
  • Daily consulting in your office or audit of current migrant workers

  • Employee document checks and advice on preventing illegal working

  • Training your company on sponsoring and employing migrant workers

  • UK Immigration updates (summary of changes to the immigration rules and processes)

  • Ad-hoc resource material and letter templates for visa applications

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