IQA has issued the sponsorship of hundreds of migrant workers

IQA Immigration Specialists aims to provide a bespoke and comprehensive immigration service to UK companies.


We want to work with you as a UK sponsor and enable you to employ the skilled migrants that your business needs allowing your company to develop both locally and internationally.  We will ensure that your company fulfills its duty to protect the British workforce whilst gaining the skills and experience you require from overseas.  We will provide solutions to all of your immigration needs.


We provide a full range of services catered to each company’s individual requirements, covering all aspects of UK immigration from start to finish. IQA Immigration is proud to support skilled, migrant workers and their families and aims to make the immigration process as smooth and efficient as possible allowing them to focus on their life and work in the UK. 


IQA Immigration has extensive experience in working with both small and large companies and has issued the sponsorship of hundreds of migrant workers.


The range of services that IQA Immigration offers to UK companies includes:

Covering All Aspects
  • Preparation of sponsor license application and sponsorship advice

  • Issuing a Certificate of Sponsorship including Resident Labour Market Test guidance

  • Undertaking the role of Level 1 or Level 2 User on the Sponsor Management System

  • Reporting migrant activity / sponsor compliance

  • Representation of a migrant worker’s visa application and advice 

Extensive Experience
  • Daily consulting in your office or audit of current migrant workers

  • Employee document checks and advice on preventing illegal working

  • Training your company on sponsoring and employing migrant workers

  • UK Immigration updates (summary of changes to the immigration rules and processes)

  • Ad-hoc resource material and letter templates for visa applications

If you would like to set up a meeting to see what Immigration solutions we can provide to your company, please contact Beverley Harper on 0131 344 4641 or

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