Can I apply for a UK visa at the moment with the COVID-19 precautions in effect?
I have been issued a 30-day or 90-day visa, but I cannot travel to the UK before it expires; what should I do?
I am an NHS worker (paramedic, nurse or doctor), and my visa will soon expire; what should I do?
Can I apply for a visa in a country that is different from that of my nationality?
I am a UK citizen living abroad and need to apply for a passport to return; however, my country's visa application centre is closed; what should I do?
As an employer, how can I carry out right to work checks during the pandemic?
When entering the UK, what isolation measures am I required to take?
I want to switch my visa status, which I would typically apply for outside of the UK; can I apply in the UK instead?
I employ sponsored workers who are currently working from home. Do I need to inform the Home Office?
I want to provide unpaid leave to sponsored workers in order to avoid redundancies. Do I need to inform The Home Office?